Theodicy: Answering the Toughest Questions

Depression - Theodicy

The problem of Theodicy and the eternal search for answers This is part one in a multi-part series on theodicy and understanding suffering. I haven’t fully mapped out the direction this will go, so consider it a work in progress!   Suffering is a common part of our world and yet attempting to understand why […]

Understanding the Politics and Apocalypticism Behind the Evangelical Support of Israel

*** Please note, this is a primer for discussion and not the final research product.  This is the product of a question raised in class one evening and is used to keep the discussion going *** Some, not all, Evangelicals may at times have anti-Semitic leanings and many will say that Jews will not be […]

Setting Expectations for Intellectual Discourse

After meeting with an awesome group of students this week, I’m quite excited about teaching this semester. Keep in mind, I teach courses in religious studies from an academic perspective and being that I am approaching something “faith” based from an academic perspective, there are bound to be differences of opinions on how any one […]

Reading With Integrity

I’m guessing that it is a pretty safe bet to say that you know how to read, but do you know how to read well? My goal for my classes is to make my students think, but we don’t stop there. Once you begin to think, you need to be able to think well. Think […]