As I explain in the post “What is Collateral Learning,” collateral learning is what we teach by accident, the lessons that are learned from beyond the lesson plans. This blog focuses on those lessons and how we can teach them better by analyzing the lessons we teach even when we don’t mean to teach them. This blog is a collection of writers from different fields talking about different ideas and concepts. We are a diverse world full of beautiful and wonderful differences that not only make us unique but help us each to bring something different to the table- making the conversation richer and more enjoyable. Like a good Southern pot luck dinner, everybody brings something special- some you like, some you don’t. You know you could make better potato salad, but who would know how great it is if you’ve never shared it? We encourage you to participate, share, and even contribute to the conversations. There are posts on teaching with technology, teaching the arts, teaching religious studies, leading in STEAM, creative writing in the classroom, as well as leadership and administration and all should end with a conversation on looking at our lessons from different views. The goal being to provide ideas and conversations about how we can all become better teachers by inspiring each and every one of us to look for the lessons within the lesson.

We are always looking for new contributors to contribute to the site. If you have an idea for a posting, you can submit your information through our Contributor Submission Form and we will get back to you soon.  For a list of our contributors and their posts, go to our Contributor’s page.